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eBay Offers a Mobile Search Shortcut for Online Stores

January 2, 2013
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Last month, I touched on several ways that businesses could use apps as an alternate channel to reach mobile searchers. Online retailers have a couple opportunities to use apps in this way, namely tapping into the eBay and marketplaces. Let's take a closer look at eBay, and some strategies for using it to extend the reach of your existing catalog....


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eBay is ecstatic about mobile, just not about mobile advertising. Devin Wenig, eBay's president of global marketplaces, said in an interview that next year the company will stop running mobile ads inside of its applications. "We aren't happy with the user experience and we don't need the money," he said. This year, eBay displayed ads inside of its iPhone app as an experiment, but found that they were distracting and cluttered up the smaller screens. The ads also didn't deliver meaningful revenue.
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4 Ways to Embrace Omnichannel Marketing in 2013
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Omnichannel is equally compelling to chief marketing officers as it is confounding because it promises the Holy Grail of marketing: the ability to seamlessly connect with consumers in real time across all available marketing channels with a consistent and relevant message. At its core, omnichannel is about customer data and a CMO's ability to collect and connect it. The appeal of this is obvious. It's also intimidating. The challenge for most brands is how to effectively capture, monitor and combine all this information in a holistic way that provides consumers with the unique shopping experiences that omnichannel promises.


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