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How To Stop The Panic Before Asking “Have I Been Panda Slapped?”

February 28, 2013
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You may see a drop in rankings or traffic and immediately panic. Have I been Panda-slapped? Even now, as we look at the two year anniversary of Google's Panda Update, the likelihood is that you have not. Rankings and traffic fluctuate for many reasons, most of which are not related to penalties from search engines. But, how can you tell?...


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The search engine optimization versus pay per click debate has raged ever since AdWords became a particularly impressive performer in the field of search marketing. In the wake of recent changes in how Google ranks websites — most notably via the Penguin and Panda updates — it's as if someone stoked the fires by adding some more fuel. I see a lot of people arguing that PPC is the future of search marketing and that it can be much more profitable (and less risky and cumbersome) than SEO. According to at least a few fervent souls, the ground beneath SEO is shaking. 
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Two years ago yesterday, Google sent shockwaves through the search engine optimization industry and online publishing in general when it launched the Panda algorithm update. It was originally called the "farmer" update because Google's prime target was "content farms," a name used to describe sites that created high quantities of low-quality content that sometimes ranked highly in Google's search results. Although Google didn't specifically say it was targeting content farms when Panda launched, Matt Cutts, head of Google's webspam team, told us at the time: "I think people will get the idea of the types of sites we're talking about." 


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