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Marketers at Odds Over Effectiveness of Responsive Design

January 28, 2013
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Responsive design is becoming a very hot topic amongst mobile marketers. While many believe the technology is a step forward in the quest for strong mobile experiences, others disagree. What is not up for debate is that brands are flocking to responsive design in growing numbers as a solution to the issue of device fragmentation and the need to provide a consistent user experience across devices....


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Jeff Zwelling
How to Build a CSE Budget That Delivers Returns
January 28, 2013 From ROI Report

With so much consumer activity moving online, retailers must be strategic in the ways in which they market products to internet shoppers. A significant part of those strategies will center on comparison shopping engines (CSEs) such as Google Shopping, PriceGrabber, Shopzilla and others. However, marketers are still struggling to make informed, profitable decisions about which CSEs are worthy of their budgets. Too many retailers look first at the cost per click (CPC) and never dig deeper to determine actual CSE value. In reality, it's the revenue-per-click (RPC) data that should influence retailers’ CSE investment decisions. Marketers that know how much revenue each click generates can then determine the return on investment by considering the CPC.

Anand Subramaniam, VP of Worldwide Marketing, eGain Communications Corporation
5 Ways to Out-Amazon Amazon in Online Selling
January 25, 2013 From ROI Report
Just like in brick-and-mortar sales, the final purchase is where the rubber meets the road in digital sales. However, a lot of heavy lifting needs to happen in customer engagement and selling before that final purchase. When smart, effective and consistent, this engagement quickly results in a purchase transaction and fulfillment follows. While most online retailers have been paying some attention to the transactional part of the purchase, such as shopping cart and payment processing (although we see some gaps here as well), they could do far better in the up-front engaging and selling that enable the sale.


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