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Mobile Privacy Bill Edges Closer to Senate Vote

December 14, 2012
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During a week when mobile app privacy has garnered increased attention, a lesser-known mobile privacy bill sponsored by Sen. Al Franken, D-Minn., passed out of the Senate Judiciary Committee, edging it closer to the Senate floor for a vote. The Location Privacy Protection Act is the first of a slew of privacy bills introduced in the past couple years to make it out of the committee stage. Changes to the bill in its current form are expected, but its primary goal is to require that companies obtain user consent before collecting or sharing mobile location data....


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 —Joann S. Lublin, Reporter, The Wall Street Journal

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 —Denny Hatch

<i>"You can observe a lot by just watching."</i>
 —Yogi Berra

<i>"If you want to dramatically increase your response, dramatically improve your offer."</i>
—Axel Andersson
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<b>About Denny Hatch</b>

Since 1976, Denny Hatch has been a consultant, copywriter and designer in the field of direct marketing. In 1984, with his wife Peggy, he launched the newsletter, Who’s Mailing What!, which was based on a library of over 200,000 direct mail samples. In 1992, his company was acquired by North American Publishing Co., in Philadelphia, where he is a regular columnist for Target Marketing magazine and editor of the e-newsletter, Denny Hatch’s Business Common Sense, published by the Target Marketing Group.  He is the author of:

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Million Dollar Mailings * Method Marketing * 2,239 Tested Secrets for Direct Marketing Success * – A Layman’s Guide to Manipulating the Media


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Quotations, Rules, Aphorisms, Pithy Tips, Quips, Sage Advice, Secrets, Dictums and Truisms in 99 Categories of Marketing, Business and Life Click Here to Look Inside "Denny Hatch’s latest, Career Changing Takeaways, is an extraordinary reflection of one of the direct marketing industry’s most enduring polymaths. With quotes and “takeaways” on...




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