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Why Pickup Lines Make Great Subject Lines

November 20, 2012
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A great subject line has the same elements as a great pickup line. Both need to quickly capture the recipient's attention and set you apart from the pack. To do this, ensure your subject line achieves at least one of these goals: piques curiosity and creates intrigue; creates anxiousness or uneasiness and promises relief; charms with warmth, delight or humor; or addresses a need (practical or emotional).



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72% of Marketers Test Subject Lines, Report Finds
October 9, 2012 From Marketing Experiments
We surveyed 2,735 marketers for the 2012 Email Marketing Benchmark Report, and asked them which email marketing elements they test most often. Subject line (e.g., phrasing, length) lead the way with 72 percent of respondents saying they test this variable, followed by message (61 percent), layout and images (50 percent), and call to action (50 percent).  
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Subject Line Gimmicks Won't Solve Your 'Open' Problem
June 29, 2012 From MediaPost

I've been seeing stars in my inbox lately, along with arrows, hearts, airplanes, hashtags and asterisks, all in subject lines aimed at making these emails stand out from all the other messages. A growing number of email marketers are using this new gimmick to get recipients to notice and open their emails, as well as the usual suspects: the fake "oops" or correction email and the phony forward-reply.



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