Case Study Personalization Helps Bedbathstorecom Boost Conversion 10 percent

Last year, decided to shift its online strategy from generating traffic to converting more visitors into buyers. “We wanted to increase overall revenue and profitability through superior conversion,” says Co-founder and COO Mike Reichman. “Conversions are the key to increased revenue, decreased ad spend and increased return on investment.”

The company also hoped it could improve conversion rates by using geographic campaigns that target out-of-state shoppers.

A year earlier, Reichman had met executives from SitebrandOpens in a new window, a Gatineau, Quebec-based Web personalization and e-commerce optimization solutions provider, to learn about its Web Personalization Channel. The solution enables online marketers to automatically present campaign banners on pages within their Web sites that respond to specific visitor interests or needs. Reichman tested it and implemented it last year.

Today, with live campaigns running on different pages within’s site all the time, conversion rates have increased 10 percent. Each campaign is designed to meet specific marketing objectives in real time as visitors browse the site.

Banners can be targeted based on keyword searches, for example.

“Now, if a person is searching for bedding, we can do a targeted banner for the bedding category,” Reichman says. “The offer can appear in the bedding category on our site and can say anything from ‘Shop our Luxury Bedding and Save 10 Percent,’ to ‘Free Shipping on All Bedding Orders Over $75.'”

Banners also can be targeted by how many times a visitor has been to the site, number of pages searched in a given visit, or geography or region of visitor. produces and loads its banner ads onto Sitebrand’s server, which then hosts them.