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Michael Della Penna

Putting Pinterest to Work for Your Brand

Pinterest is the new hot property. Overnight this visual curation powerhouse has generated more traffic to websites than Twitter, Google+, Linkedin and YouTube combined. Its clean and simple design, including pleasing graphics and neat organization, allows users to quickly and easily gain access to the content that matters to them. Marketers have taken notice and are asking themselves, "How can Pinterest help me form a deeper relationship with my customers and prospects?" Read More >>


Inside Mobile Marketing

Michael Becker

Following the Breadcrumbs to Guide People Through the Path to Purchase


Marketing is about service; it's about helping a company identify and fulfill the needs, wants and desires of consumers. Throughout most of its history, marketing has focused on the needs of the marketer and the marketer's company. We've been shareholder-centric, company-centric and product-centric. We've organized our companies to be engineering-driven, sales-driven or marketing-driven. In other words, we've been self-absorbed and focused on our needs and our offerings and what we want to

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Customer Experience Commerce

Jeannie Walters

Why Customer Experience Trumps User Experience

Whenever I'm asked to explain customer experience, I'm always hard-pressed for a short, easily digested answer. It's just so huge! What doesn't it cover? Not much. And the real stumper: Who is responsible? Customer experience is often translated into user experience as the front-end digital experience of users. Although they're not the same, they aren't that different. So which comes first? Here's how user experience can inform customer experience strategy, and vice

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Engagement Matters

Stephanie Miller

3 Key Lessons for Mobile Email Marketers

With mobile devices ranging from smartphones to iPads to e-readers to netbooks, the question isn't if you need a mobile strategy for your email marketing program, but when.


Redefining Performance Marketing

Craig Greenfield

Facebook's Timeline for Brands: A Facebook Performance Opportunity

Facebook's new Timeline for Brands enables marketers to foster engagement with participants. This engagement can equal Facebook performance. Brands can separate themselves from the competition by using real-time Facebook engagement data and insights to optimize their brand pages for performance.   Read More >>


15 Minutes Ahead

Luis Hernandez

How Evolving Mobile Behaviors are Raising the Stakes for Marketers

While none would argue that 2011 was the year of the mobile app, marketers have been hearing more noise about the mobile web as a cross-device alternative to apps that are downloaded and installed. The reality isn't so clear-cut. Read More >>


The View From Here

Melissa Campanelli

Everything You Want to Know About Email Marketing … and More

With the holidays fast approaching, it's a great time for email marketing professionals to give their programs a much needed boost. That's why I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you about eM+C's upcoming All About eMail Virtual Conference & Expo. This free virtual show will be held Nov. 10 and features industry experts discussing the hottest email marketing topics of the day, including: Read More >>


Digital Marketing Takes Action

Heidi Cohen

Which is Better for Mobile Shopping, Tablets or Smartphones?

Are you wondering whether it’s worth providing your online retail offering on tablets, particularly the iPad? Are you also facing the challenge of how to get your mobile strategy on track? Before you decide which course to follow, here’s some data to consider:


Ways of Thinking

Thorin McGee

A Facebook Fan is $136 in Lifetime Value, $3.60 in Media Impressions

Virtue Facebook Fanpage Evaluator

The lifetime value of a Facebook fan is about $136 to top brands, according to this study on Facebook fan lifetime value from Syncapse and Hotspex. Another study, from Vitrue, comes up with a media impression value per Facebook fan of about $3.60. From either angle, having a framework to talk about the ROI of Facebook fan investment is priceless. Read More >>