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Vice President, Digital Messaging Solutions, Aprimo, Inc.

Engagement Matters

By Stephanie Miller

About Stephanie

Stephanie Miller is a relentless customer advocate and a champion for amazing inbox experiences. An email, deliverability and social marketing expert, she helps retail, travel, financial services, B2B, publishing and other marketers to optimize response and revenue from their online channels. She speaks and writes regularly for the industry and is very active in several direct marketing and anti-spam organizations. She is vice president, digital messaging solutions for Aprimo, Inc., a leading global integrated marketing platform provider. Feedback and column ideas most welcome, to



Michael Della Penna
Putting Pinterest to Work for Your Brand
Apr 20, 2012

Pinterest is the new hot property. Overnight this visual curation powerhouse has generated more traffic to websites than Twitter, Google+,...

Inside Mobile Marketing

Michael Becker
Following the Breadcrumbs to Guide People Through the Path to Purchase
Apr 10, 2014

  Marketing is about service; it's about helping a company identify and fulfill the needs, wants and desires of consumers....

Customer Experience Commerce

Jeannie Walters
Why Customer Experience Trumps User Experience
Jan 29, 2014

Whenever I'm asked to explain customer experience, I'm always hard-pressed for a short, easily digested answer. It's just so huge!...

Redefining Performance Marketing

Craig Greenfield
Facebook's Timeline for Brands: A Facebook Performance Opportunity
Mar 29, 2012

Facebook's new Timeline for Brands enables marketers to foster engagement with participants. This engagement can equal Facebook performance. Brands can...

15 Minutes Ahead

Luis Hernandez
How Evolving Mobile Behaviors are Raising the Stakes for Marketers
Jan 5, 2012

While none would argue that 2011 was the year of the mobile app, marketers have been hearing more noise about...

The View From Here

Melissa Campanelli
Everything You Want to Know About Email Marketing … and More
Nov 3, 2011

With the holidays fast approaching, it's a great time for email marketing professionals to give their programs a much needed...

Digital Marketing Takes Action

Heidi Cohen
Which is Better for Mobile Shopping, Tablets or Smartphones?
Jul 7, 2011

Are you wondering whether it’s worth providing your online retail offering on tablets, particularly the iPad? Are you also facing...

Ways of Thinking

Thorin McGee
A Facebook Fan is $136 in Lifetime Value, $3.60 in Media Impressions
Jun 29, 2010

The lifetime value of a Facebook fan is about $136 to top brands, according to this study on Facebook fan...

3 Key Lessons for Mobile Email Marketers

With mobile devices ranging from smartphones to iPads to e-readers to netbooks, the question isn't if you need a mobile strategy for your email marketing program, but when.


Turn Your Customers Into Your Best Salespeople

Happy customers are your brand’s best salespeople. Today’s social media platforms make it easier than ever for brand advocates to share their enthusiasm with hundreds (if not thousands) of colleagues and other prospects in their online networks. The power given to consumers is real. It's created a sort of forced collaboration between marketers and their customers — with industry bloggers, analysts and journalists chiming in too. Empower customers and your marketplace and you win. Try ...  Read More >>


Turning Email and Social Synergy Into Opportunity

In marketing — as in candy bowls — chasing too much opportunity can produce nothing more than paralysis or, at best, a dilution of the effort when it’s spread too thinly.  Read More >>


Share, Share Everywhere: Tapping the Social Activity of Email Subscribers

We've all seen it happen: a trusted individual recommends or suggests something. It's a powerful way to not only convey a message, but also elicit a response. That’s why it’s important for email marketers to understand the value of social media sharing. Having prospects and customers receive, open and pay attention to your email message is good, but having them then share the message further via email or other social media is great. Customer-instigated sharing across social media ...  Read More >>

Getting Started With Email Segmentation

Creating effective email connections that drive response and revenue requires segmentation. That sounds fine in concept, as many marketers know they need to do more segmentation in order to engage subscribers and break through the clutter. However, many marketers struggle with getting access to data and developing creative approaches that match the customer lifecycle. I urge you to not be intimidated. Demand greater data integration and access from your vendors. Start testing new...  Read More >>


The Database Marketer Superhero: Expanded Role, Big Impact

Riddle me this, Batman: What sort of marketing strategies today require deeper, strategic database insight? Not so puzzling, is it? Pretty much everything a marketing team does today is driven by data — e.g., digital outreach, content, media, attribution, return on investment analysis, lead nurturing, PR and social community participation. In fact, the list would be shorter if we tallied up those marketing functions that don't benefit from data-driven decisions.  Read More >>

Email Marketing is the Sticky Stuff of Digital Conversations

Email marketing is no longer one size fits all. It's part broadcast, part transaction-driver, and part loyalty and engagement aid. In fact, because of this diversity of roles, email has become the glue by which marketers start and nurture conversations with subscribers and customers.

Dealing With This Season's Burned Out Subscribers

In September, all email marketers have good intentions. They meticulously map out segmentations; plan a logical calendar to support strategic initiatives; and commit to holding firm on protecting margins, avoiding the trap of ever increasing sweeteners as we near the end of December.  Read More >>

A 'Back-to-Business' Email Optimization Checklist

Back to school is also back-to-business time. Set aside a few hours this final week of summer to freshen up your email program and take advantage of the silence before the rush. Here are six ways to quickly improve reader satisfaction and response rates:  Read More >>


What’s On the Minds of Email Marketers

I lead a chat session with attendees of eM+C's Retail Marketing Virtual Conference & Expo late last month and enjoyed the dialog and all the questions raised. It's clear that even though email marketing is a pretty well-established channel, it's still not fully understood - or utilized - by the people tasked with generating higher response and revenue from it.

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