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By Michael Becker

About Michael

Michael Becker is a mobile marketing industry leader, entrepreneur, volunteer and academic. Alongside Somo's North American-established teams in San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York, Becker leverages the company's premier mobile strategy, creative, media and technology services to help businesses extend their reach, build customer engagement, increase sales and improve efficiency. Specifically, Becker focuses on evangelizing and educating the marketplace on the potential of mobile marketing throughout the path-to-purchase and within specific market verticals. Becker founded and most recently held the position of VP Mobile Strategies at an industry-leading mobile marketing solutions provider, iLoop Mobile, which earned the 2007 MMA Innovation of the Year Award. Prior to assuming the role of Manager Director of North America, Becker served on the MMA Global Board of Directors and the MMA North American Board of Directors.



Michael Della Penna
Putting Pinterest to Work for Your Brand
Apr 20, 2012

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Customer Experience Commerce

Jeannie Walters
Why Customer Experience Trumps User Experience
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3 Key Lessons for Mobile Email Marketers
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Craig Greenfield
Facebook's Timeline for Brands: A Facebook Performance Opportunity
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How Evolving Mobile Behaviors are Raising the Stakes for Marketers
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Everything You Want to Know About Email Marketing … and More
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Which is Better for Mobile Shopping, Tablets or Smartphones?
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Ways of Thinking

Thorin McGee
A Facebook Fan is $136 in Lifetime Value, $3.60 in Media Impressions
Jun 29, 2010

The lifetime value of a Facebook fan is about $136 to top brands, according to this study on Facebook fan...

Following the Breadcrumbs to Guide People Through the Path to Purchase


Marketing is about service; it's about helping a company identify and fulfill the needs, wants and desires of consumers. Throughout most of its history, marketing has focused on the needs of the marketer and the marketer's company. We've been shareholder-centric, company-centric and product-centric. We've organized our companies to be engineering-driven, sales-driven or marketing-driven. In other words, we've been self-absorbed and focused on our needs and our offerings and what we want to

... 

Building a Mobile Presence

Mobile is a revolution. The power of the personal mobile device has created the potential for businesses to build stronger and more mutually valuable relationships with their customers. Nothing gets a marketer closer to their customer than mobile. Many marketers realize this, at least instinctively. They know that a mobile relationship has to be invited, built upon and cultivated. However, either due to lack of experience or training many marketers don't know how to do this.  Read More >>

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A Broken MacBook Proves the Value of Mobile Engagement

We’re constantly searching for the most effective and innovative approaches to marketing products and services. Too often we can be behind. We’re in the position of adjusting and modifying approaches that already exist, trying to match them with products and services that already exist. This approach has always been around, but it often fails to engage consumers as it’s not the most effective tactic. As marketers, we can do better by recognizing that marketing innovation needs to...  Read More >>

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Strategies for Growing Your Mobile Marketing Program

You’ve seen all the numbers. Heck, just look around. People are increasingly reliant on their mobile devices to meet the needs of their daily lives. They're consuming content via mobile devices and interacting with the physical world in a wide range of ways.


Mobility, the World of Senses and Where We Go From Here

It's difficult to explain an experience like the MMA CEO/CMO summit in words. It takes all of the senses to truly appreciate the opportunity. However, what can be shared is the knowledge that was imparted. Marketers, publishers, technologists, futurists and researches shared their thoughts and visions as to how we got here, exactly where we are and where we might be going with the world, mobility and the role of marketing.  Read More >>

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The 4 Pillars of Mobile Strategy

Your brand must have a well-thought-out plan that captures data from all interactions it has with each and every customer so that every customer interaction is contextually relevant. If this element is missing from a brand’s marketing plan, it will be severely limited — customer engagement and profitability will be hampered.  Read More >>

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The Connected Consumer is Changing The Face of Marketing: Understanding the Importance of Trust

In January, I wrote about marketing’s "meeting of waters" and how mobile is acting as the connective tissue that's tying together digital and traditional marketing practices. The meeting of waters analogy holds true because we live in an age where people are increasingly becoming connected and these connections are forever changing marketing and how we engage our customers. Today people are connected to each other, to organizations, to machines. Moreover, machines are connected to other...  Read More >>

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Your Customer is Mobile — Are You?

There's no question about it, the world has changed. It's gone mobile. Consumers are free from the confines of their homes, offices, and traditional media and retail environments. Today's consumers have the power at their fingertips to fulfill their needs anytime and anywhere, and they're using it.

Factors to Consider When Finalizing Your Mobile Marketing Budget, Part 1

The age of mobile marketing is upon us. Simply put, mobile marketing is the process of mutual engagement and value exchange between marketers and consumers "through" and "with" mobile media. And boy, is value being exchanged.  Read More >>

The Strategic Imperative of Understanding Mobile in 2011 and Beyond

There aren’t many industries with a compound annual growth rate of nearly 57 percent, especially in the midst of the worst recession in generations. But that’s one measure of the success of mobile advertising, which has moved out of brands’ and agencies’ research and development budgets and into their mainstream spending.  Read More >>