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Research & White Papers

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Free Whitepaper: 4 Retail Marketing Challenges (and How to Rise Above Them)

This report will explore the findings of our survey of nearly 500 retailers to get a better understanding of the current state of marketing in the retail industry, as well as the top takeaways for retailers in four key strategic areas: communication starts with data capture; state of data access and capability; the personalization factor; and attribution.
Free Whitepaper: Guided Selling Best Practices

Get an inside look at how the experts create powerful and engaging guided selling tools for some of the world's largest brands in this best practices guide. We'll cover the four main success factors that will help any brand design, create, build and deploy a high-converting guided selling tool that drives real return on investment and enhances the customer experience.

Case Studies

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Free Case Study: How Site Personalization Helped Kiehl's Improve the Customer Experience

Kiehl's partnered with HiConversion on a personalization campaign that allowed the skincare brand to better match shoppers with the products and offers that interested them the most. In this free case study, you'll discover the impact customer motivation has on site performance and learn how to leverage behavioral targeting to improve relevancy.


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Featured Resource: How Card-Linked Marketing Works

What if you could reach every buyer you wanted, with the ability to connect with each one personally? View your customers’ whole wallet spending based on their actual purchases? Precisely measure campaign results based on accurate attribution? You can. See how it works at
How Do You Get Your Mail?

Everyone always wants to know "How do you get your mail?" Now you can see for yourself with a video tour of the postal archive and the folks that make it happen, including how it all ends up in the most comprehensive database of mail in the world.

Mentions of Hubspot

Etsy Misses an Opportunity With its Email ‘Personalization’
June 30, 2015

I get emails from online craft-goods marketplace Etsy pretty much daily. And without exception, they end up heading right for the trash. I'm almost always excited for them — and then regularly let down. "Do they even know me?" I weep
How to Kick Off an Influencer Marketing Campaign
June 29, 2015

Increasingly, more advertisers and marketing agencies are incorporating a social influencer component in their marketing campaigns, right alongside other more traditional digital vehicles like paid search, display and SEO tactics.


Free Webinar: Mapping Your Marketplace Moves

When it comes to selling on online marketplaces, there are several strategies that you should stop overthinking and just go ahead and put in place. Then there are other strategies that deserve careful consideration. So which are which? Join Luke Evans, manager, marketplaces services at ChannelAdvisor, for a study in short-term versus long-term marketplaces strategies. You'll also hear from Mackenzie Laney, marketplaces manager at, who will share how the company has made marketplaces a driving force for its sales. She’ll also share some of the successes and challenges experienced along the way.
Free Webinar: Using Google Analytics to Identify Influencers

By default, Google Analytics assigns credit to the last touchpoint prior to conversion. However, it's rare that a user converts the first time they encounter your brand. This is where influencers come into play. In this one-hour webinar, we'll show you how to use Google Analytics to identify and protect influencers, leading to smarter marketing decisions.