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Beginner's Guide to SSL Certificates: Making the Best Choice When Considering Your Online Security Options

SSL stands for "Secure Socket Layer." It is a technology that establishes a secure session link between the visitor's web browser and your website so that all communications transmitted through this link are encrypted and are, therefore, secure. SSL is also used for transmitting secure email, secure files, and other forms of information.
Choosing the Right Security Solution: Moving Beyond SSL to Establish Trust

Choosing the right security solution is critical to the success of an online business. Look for trust-based security solutions that deliver protection and consumer peace-of-mind through cutting edge technology and integration with complementary third-party solutions.

Mentions of Symantec Website Security Solutions

New Top-Level Domains Create Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt, Part 2
January 16, 2012

In part one of this article, I discussed ICANN’s new top-level domains (TLD) program and how it's a complex issue with great potential gains for those who do it right. As with any big change, we’re seeing a great deal
Case Study: How a Trust Seal Boosted Online Sales For Clean Energy Experts
August 26, 2010

Problem: Clean Energy Experts (CEE), a provider of clean energy, solar power and energy audits, wanted to increase registrations to its new consumer-focused education site, It also wanted to establish legitimacy for the site and demonstrate its commitment to