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If it's about Internet marketing, you can read about it here. This section contains the latest news and information about web marketing, as well as web marketing vendors, service providers and agencies. It also includes how-to and informational articles about lead generation programs, affiliate marketing programs, ad networks, display ads, behavioral targeting, semantic marketing, web analytics, and more.


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South by So What? SXSW Post-Mortem

SXSW 2015 March 24, 2015

Every year, thousands of people descend on Austin, Texas in the middle of March for the much-romanticized South by Southwest Festival, historically a meeting of the...

Digital Marketing Techniques to Reach an International Audience

Lucas Swan March 13, 2015

In the past, a newly established business would have no choice but to cater to local clients until its resources and scale of operations enabled...

Affiliate Marketing 101: Turning Visitors into Paying Customers

John Hernandez, cleverbridge March 5, 2015

This is part four of my multipart Affiliate Marketing 101 series. Part one explained the different types of affiliate websites you can choose to support...

Affiliate Marketing 101: Driving Traffic to Your Site

John Hernandez, cleverbridge October 24, 2014

It's been often said that opening up a business is easy; keeping it from failing is the hard part. That's not to say that...

8 Things Your Brand Can Do Now to Make Money From the Internet of Things

Brendan O'Brien, Aria Systems September 16, 2014

The IoT will feature millions of connected devices, offering unlimited monetization opportunities that will come from customizing and personalizing each and every component in...

Why Marketing Automation is Driving a Bigger Role for the CMO

Marketing Strategy July 31, 2014

Not too long ago I had a wide-ranging conversation with Steve Herrera on the expanding role of the chief marketing officer and the marketing organization...

5 Things All Small Businesses Must Know About Big Data

Big Data July 31, 2014

Confused about big data? You're not the only one. For most small business owners, big data is one big mystery. And if you don't understand...

3 Ways User-Generated Content Benefits Brands and Consumers

Online Marketing July 29, 2014

Technological innovations over the last decade have given an unprecedented level of influence to individual consumers. With social media as their soapbox, users are able...

How Readers Feel About Native Ads in 4 Charts

Native Advertising Image July 25, 2014

Publishers may be having a love affair with sponsored content, but what about their readers? Three recent studies provide new insights into how readers perceive the...

How Denny's Became a Weirdly Successful Content Marketer

Denny's July 23, 2014

The Grand Slam breakfast has been sitting on Denny's menu since 1977. Eggs, bacon, sausage, pancakes haven't changed, but the brand wanted to find a...