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Why Target’s Plan to Dominate Subscription-Based Retail Falls Flat Without Mobile

Target_logo_2 April 22, 2014

Target is expanding its online subscription service to include more than 1,000 new products, but is likely going to struggle to scale in an already...

Gap Prioritizes Responsive Web as Part of $300M Digital Investment

gap logo April 21, 2014

Gap is betting on responsive design as part of a three-year digital investment that also includes mobile point of sale and in-store pickup. During Gap's...

QR Codes: The Definition of Retail Tech Gone Wrong

AirGo QR Code example April 17, 2014

Everything is marketing. That's social media and marketing guru Scott Stratten's mantra. The Twitter personality was on stage to kick off the 2014 Retail Technology...

Amazon, Facebook Look to Differentiate Mobile Payments With Data

Amazon logo April 15, 2014

Facebook and both bring a lot to the mobile payment industry in terms of data, but it remains to be seen how each will...

Responsive vs. Adaptive: One Size Doesn't Fit All

Jeffrey Cohen, Chief Information Officer, PM Digital April 9, 2014

Adaptive and responsive strategies are now the dominating factors in web design discussion. As a result, marketers have become hyperaware of the implications of their...

The Proven Ideal Length of Every Tweet, Facebook Post and Online Headline

Online Marketing April 8, 2014

Every so often when I'm tweeting or emailing, I'll think: Should I really be writing so much? I tend to get carried away. And for...

Shopify Cuts Credit Card Processing Fees to Take on Square

Shopify April 7, 2014

When Shopify, an e-commerce platform that helps merchants establish stores online, debuted a point-of-sale register, it took a big leap into the world of brick-and-mortar...

White House Slams Samsung's Obama-Ortiz Selfie

Samsung-Logo.jpg April 4, 2014

Samsung has gone one selfie too far with its viral marketing, earning a rebuke from the White House after it distributed a photo of President...

10 Tips for Creating an Effective Marketing Attribution Program

Marketing Strategy April 3, 2014

Considering how much companies invest in marketing across multiple channels, I'm often surprised that more don't take advantage of sophisticated tools to measure whether those...

B-to-Bs Face a Mobile-First Future

Mobile Marketing April 2, 2014

Smartphones and tablets are critical companions of on-the-go business professionals, while PCs and laptops have remained the primary tools of the trade when in the...