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If it's about search engine marketing or search engine optimization, you can read about it here, This section contains the latest news about SEM and SEO, as well as SEO and SEM agencies, services, vendors and products. It also contains how-to and informational articles about choosing the right keywords for maximum ROI, targeting better sales and prospects with SEM, converting visitors into buyers with landing pages, bid arrangement tools, calculating ROI, using title tags, SEO copywriting, getting to the top of search engines, international SEO and SEM, and more.


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5 SEO Myths That Still Haunt Us Today

SEO July 24, 2014

Recently, I was among several SEO and content marketing experts who shared insights with Jim Martin, a writer for, for an article about busting...

How to Ensure Your SEO Strategy Delivers the Right Traffic

Internet July 24, 2014

When it comes to SEO, achieving first page rankings and getting more traffic is one thing, but what about ensuring those rankings deliver the right...

Assessing Hummingbird’s Impact on Search — 10 Months Later

Google Hummingbird July 21, 2014

On Sept. 26, 2013, Google let slip that it had updated its overall search platform, which it referred to as "Hummingbird." In this post, I'm...

Should You Be Bidding on Your Brand Terms for Your Search Ads?

ppc July 17, 2014

While many advertisers have bought into the idea of bidding on search terms that include their brand name, there are still plenty of smart...

Is SEO Dead?

SEO July 14, 2014

Search engine optimization may no longer be the answer to your traffic-related prayers, as Google's algorithms move away from rewarding SEO principles and toward featuring...

5 Major SEO Mistakes With Mobile Marketing

SEO July 11, 2014

Search engine optimization is a huge part of mobile marketing strategies. Since SEO is a constantly evolving concept, it's only natural to make mistakes when...

10 Ways to Overcome Facebook’s Organic Reach Problem

facebooklogo2 July 11, 2014

It's no secret that getting a decent percentage of organic reach on Facebook is no easy task. Then again, it hasn't been since at...

Should You Gate Content? The SEO Implications

Content Marketing July 10, 2014

Content marketing is a hot topic these days, but lead-generation marketers are faced with a conundrum: How do I get the visibility for my content via...

How to Use Wikipedia for Keyword Research

SEO Keywords July 9, 2014

Keyword research is the most basic skill in the SEO's repertoire. When you're creating a website, shaping your e-commerce strategy, tracking your growth or...

Some of the Best SEO Tools Available … for Free!

SEO July 8, 2014

Search engine optimization is one of the most powerful methods to deliver high-quality and highly targeted traffic that will grow your business by leaps...