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If it's about social media, social marketing, or social networking, you can read about it here. This section contains the latest news and information about social media, marketing and networking, as well as vendors, providers, service providers and agencies in this space. It also includes informational and how-to articles about using social media for prospecting, integrating email and social media, using Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and LinkedIn for marketing and prospecting, selling merchandise through social networking sites, buying advertising on these sites, and more.


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3 Ways to Drive Sales With Video

Brad Jefferson June 19, 2015

Here are three ways you can start incorporating video into your marketing strategy to drive sales:...

How Brands Can Use Celebrity Endorsements to Connect With Customers Online

Alex Cotraviwat, The Marendo Group May 27, 2015

Social media platforms like Pinterest, Instagram and Tumblr are great resources for finding what and  who  is currently trending. Look for users similar to your...

V-Commerce? Google to Add Video Product Listing to YouTube

TrueView May 26, 2015

A new feature called "TrueView for shopping" will soon allow you to place listings alongside a YouTube video that features those products. "TrueView for shopping...

The New Frontier of Word-of-Mouth Marketing is Visual

Joe Matthews, Tagkast May 15, 2015

Word-of-mouth marketing's newest reincarnation comes in the form of branded visual content. Thanks to mobile social media apps like Instagram, photos and videos are proving...

How to Reach, Engage and Convert Millennials

Erika Trautman 1, Rapt Media May 1, 2015

Consumers, and specifically millennials, are used to limitless access to information and data. Millennials like to control not only what they consume, but also how...

A Keyword Strategy for Advertising on Twitter

Bernard Perrine, SocialCentiv April 6, 2015

In April 2013, Twitter began allowing marketers to use keywords to target users based on tweets they had recently posted or engaged with. Combined with geo-targeting — i.e.,...

#Profitable: Instagram Readies New Ad Type

Instagram Carousel March 10, 2015

Will this ad look better with the Instagram filter Kelvin? Or maybe Toaster? Oh, I know! X Pro II. That's it, perfect. While marketers have...

Who Wore it Best? #TheDress Inspires Pop-Up Social Marketing

#TheDress March 3, 2015

What did you see? White and gold, or blue and black? Over the weekend, the internet exploded with debate and controversy over a dress. The...

How's Your March Madness Marketing Game?

March Madness March 2, 2015

Brackets, pools, parties … oh my! March Madness is right around the corner and marketers are gearing up. According to the NCAA, it's estimated that...

Tips for Using GIFs Effectively in Digital Marketing Campaigns

Ronny Elkayam, October 24, 2014

Using the GIF may have recently been added to the online and mobile marketing status quo, but how, and why, did a technology that originated...