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If it's about social media, social marketing, or social networking, you can read about it here. This section contains the latest news and information about social media, marketing and networking, as well as vendors, providers, service providers and agencies in this space. It also includes informational and how-to articles about using social media for prospecting, integrating email and social media, using Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and LinkedIn for marketing and prospecting, selling merchandise through social networking sites, buying advertising on these sites, and more.


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Top Social Media Blunders and How to Avoid Them

July 31, 2015

For brands, making a good first impression on social media is critical. How your company decides to use social media — as a branding tool,...

Miami Dolphins Are First Sports Team to Test Selling Product Via ‘Twitter Collections’

Miami Dolphins Twitter Collection July 31, 2015

E-commerce marketers frustrated because they can only show one product picture at a time on Twitter will soon have the option of showing several. An...

Blood Money: Romanian Music Festival Gets Thirsty

Pay With Blood July 28, 2015

Romania has one of the worst rates of blood donation in Europe. Of a population of 20 million, only 1.7 percent have ever donated blood...

Refining Your Content Strategy With Social Media Analytics

Jenny Lesczinski Headshot July 21, 2015

We've all heard digital marketers preaching time and time again that valuable social media content is both strategic and snackable, especially in terms of...

Video Ad Viewability: A 5-Step Survival Guide

Maria Flores Ooyala July 17, 2015

How can sellers adapt and make the most out of a seemingly inevitable shift to viewability-based campaign measurement? How can they keep both their...

Creeper Alert: Don't Let Social Selling Get Creepy

Social media July 14, 2015

My phone at work has got to ring at least 10 times a day. And unless it's a number I recognize or an in-office call,...

You Say it’s Your Birthday: Twitter Adding Birthday Info

Twitter Birthday July 8, 2015

Soon, in what TechCrunch calls "an obvious data grab," Twitter users will be able to add their birthday to their account. Likewise, advertisers shortly thereafter will...

3 Ways to Drive Sales With Video

Brad Jefferson June 19, 2015

Here are three ways you can start incorporating video into your marketing strategy to drive sales:...

How Brands Can Use Celebrity Endorsements to Connect With Customers Online

Alex Cotraviwat, The Marendo Group May 27, 2015

Social media platforms like Pinterest, Instagram and Tumblr are great resources for finding what and  who  is currently trending. Look for users similar to your...

V-Commerce? Google to Add Video Product Listing to YouTube

TrueView May 26, 2015

A new feature called "TrueView for shopping" will soon allow you to place listings alongside a YouTube video that features those products. "TrueView for shopping...